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Moedanze collages


Moedanze collages

"Moedanze (მოედანზე) means square in Georgian. After my Tbilisi trip I was obsessed with that language, writing system and culture. Also, you can count Parajanov among my inspirations. Every collage is named ქსოვილი (k'sovili), that means fabric or tissue. It's all about what lies beneath us. What we hide. " Eliash Strongowski


After the close dating with your works, we may suggest that the main idea of the project is - "The art is in the every part of human body". Do we understand it correctly, Eliash?

Thank you for your question. This is an interesting interpretation of my work) I deeply believe that the main aim of any piece is not to leave you apathetic. And if you try to find your vision for the work, this means that the artist has achieved the goal. He changed something for you, for your vision. And that is what I work for. 

I love anatomy and also I love to mix unmixable. For me human body is a puzzler, a mystery game. We are unique creatures and we are perfectly and thoroughly assembled, I was always admired by this. In Moedanze I parallelled our biology and what we handcraft. AlI this intricate things that we make to surround us. So I compiled us from them. 


Which method was used to create illustrations?

These are digital collages. Usually I search for vintages illustrations in old books and libraries, scan them, collect. I make huge pileload of object photos I could use for my needs. Sometimes I just buy something on stock sites. 
Then I cut them from background and assemble. It's a slow process - you have an idea and lots of ways it could be done and you search for the very right kind of. Like, okay, all things are on their places, nothing sticks out, nothing more to drop off. It may take hours, or days or weeks. I had one, that waited for the right piece for several months. But I always feel them complete. 
And than I repeat. 


Which places did you visit in Georgia? Which places became as an inspiration?

Unexpectedly Georgia appeared to be very different in comparison to other countries where I have been. It is place when the past meets the future. I have been only to Tbilisi in Georgia and this city had so much contrast! Like deep poverty and dumps and medieval romantic and then, unexpectedly, 4G LTE! Futuristic buildings! Mind blown. Like if you are an archeologist who discovers new unique findings in your exploration - in past and future simultaneously.

Design: Eliash Strongowski
Location: Zhytomyr your social media marketing partner