For example, in the future we may offer you a service that allows you to sign up to receive text-message offers from business that are near your current location and match up to interests you select. Or we could offer you free or discounted services in exchange for the use of your personal information for advertising and other similar purposes.

Some offerings disappointed us a little, while others are clearly making an effort to win over new users or better still, new converts. The release of ie7 and new security features in vista make infecting your system a tougher task, but link trust us when we say that spyware developers are up to the challenge. Yes, malware, spyware, and adware can wreak havoc on your computer- from capturing financial account information, using your computer to make expensive phone calls or send spam emails, keeping you from using your web browser due to obnoxious (and fake) security warning popups, and even placing hard core porn links on your desktop. VIEWS 672

Pois assim se tende a ver tal grupo como isolado dessa rede de poder, quando de fato ele só ganha sentido ao inserir-se no liame que realmente rege o mundo através dela. Todavia, a questão delicada aqui levantada, sobre potenciais ou reais conflitos entre orwellianos e neocons, situa-se justamente na forma como tal inserção se dá, dos bilderbergers nessa rede maior, uma vez mapeados alguns detalhes aparentemente desconexos de eventos aludidos como caso snowden. Mykhailo Ponomarenko

Last Day

Fort Lauderdale

Last Day

First place on the 4th Blank Space 2017 Fairy Tales Competition was awarded to Mykhailo Ponomarenko, Ukrainian trained architect who created monumental landscapes with classical painting techniques for his entry “Last Day.”

"Landscapes have always inspired me to put something weird, unreal and out of human scale into them. Something not feasible and not practical that contrasts with the natural surroundings, but also exists at the same scale. These satirical interventions lead to new ideas and feelings about nature – they make the viewer more aware about the environment and our harmful impact on it. We are flat surface creatures. Sometimes I feel that we crave it so much that the planet is going to be turned into pavement so cars can go anywhere, and our industries could continue expanding. The “Saturn Rings” in my proposal represent these flat surface desires but in a more poetic, optimistic, and friendly manner" .  Mykhailo Ponomarenko

Art: Mykhailo Ponomarenko
Location: Fort Lauderdale your social media marketing partner