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Olga Erofeyeva, Igor and Alona Morgunov

source site "PEREMOHA" Metro station


"PEREMOHA" Metro station

Ukrainian artists Olga Erofeyeva, Igor and Alona Morgunov used a very uncommon technique in their work while creating a project for the new Metro station in Kharkiv. Two murals in hot enamel on copper techniques decorate the stairway to the station platform. Lucent paints are applied over cleaned copper, which gives a glowing gold effect. By its composition enamels can be transparent and opaque, low or high fire, and their colors are taken from metal oxides in them.

Enamel paint itself is a glassy powder graded from fine sand to floor and diluted to paste-like consistency. Artists use brushes to apply this mass to the base, usually a copper plate. When the pattern is finished, the enamel paints must be dried until water fully evaporates. After that the plate is fired in the special kiln.

Depending on firing temperature same paint can give different colors, intensity and transparency. Artists plan their process knowing each firing stage result from experience, but the fire-related technology specifics imply contingency, hence an artwork is always unique and can’t be repeated even by its creator.

“Amongst the variety of decorative arts and crafts enameling is the most effortful and complicated. Expensive equipment, materials and elaborate process of its making determine the high cost of the enamel artwork. Though we see these technics gaining popularity today, the enamel still holds the high status of elite art.” - Alona Morgunova comments.      

The keynote of the murals’ architectural solution supports the station’s name. “Peremoha” (“victory” in Ukrainian) means elation, jubilancy, beginning of new life, aspirations. Victorious triumph – the laurel and oak leaves are included into the composition as symbolic representation of glory and power. The spring flowers were showering the winners on Victory Day.

Now this exquisite and highly complicated artwork is part of the subway interior in one of the largest Ukrainian cities.

Design: Olga Erofeyeva, Igor and Alona Morgunov

Location: Kharkiv. your social media marketing partner