Metal ART

Being a painter, a designer, and a sculptor, the artist stays permanently in the paradigm of his images, constantly focusing his sight on the surroundings. At the same time, he is a lens that transforms the world: the light passing through the crystalline grid of his eyes builds completely new forms in his imagination. Thus, he creates another world and extends our vision of it, as well as our vision of ourselves. It is a kind of ‘obverse and reverse’ which create a complete picture of a whole.

This paradigm, or rather staying inside of it, is the main concept of my work with the material of my plastic analyzes and searching. There is certain asceticism, architectonism and symbolism present here, where the visual sign is already an artifact, a model that speaks of itself. It seems like conquering the space, making some limitation and expediency of other objects’ presence in space, seeking the perfect purity of the laconic line, the sound of a certain note of the chord that creates the harmony of the meditative state in this environment.

It is the task of the viewer to further understand the meanings of my works. It needs to be present in order to feel the tactility of the artworks I have created, to find the courage to read their hidden meaning, and to build one’s own paradigm of the world and of me as the author...

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