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Dido. Ceramic Art Toys


Dido. Ceramic Art Toys
A collection of zoomorphic ceramics “DIDO” was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in the workshop of Sergey Makhno. The family became so big, it was scattered all around Ukraine. A ceramic set “DIDO. The Carpathians” lives in the Lanchyn village and consists of 10 members: Dido Vasyl, Dido Mykhas, Dido Pylyp, Ovva!, Tatysho, Liubchyk, Dunia, Afanasiy, Gaida, and Musia. They are bears — the owners of the waters, lions — the guards of the time, and sheep symbolizing fear and its overcoming. 
Every hero is a separate story
Every story is a glorification of Ukrainian traditions. They tell us about life in the Carpathians: pastures and forest beasts, trembita, lizhnyks, and valylos, about pottery and bee yards, about bread baking, banosh, and mushroom soup, about woods, rivers, mountains, and meadows. 
A ceramic set “DIDO. The Carpathians” is a contrast between the being predicate and sentimental. 
These stories let us meet our fears and dreams in order to understand where to go.

Design: Sergey Makhno Architects

Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner