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Rug Seasons


Rug Seasons

If you look from the bottom green part, which reflects summer, the time of abundance and riot of greenery, and visually move upwards to bright, warm shades, where then these colors turn into gray tones, you can guess that we are talking about the seasons of the year.

Nature passed through the prism of emotions is reflected in the picture of this rug. Convex black spots are knots of wool, reminiscent of rain.

 The asymmetry in the form, in fringe, in the figure itself, is very harmonious, each element is thought out as an addition to the other.

It is also important that the carpet is woven from wool of the highest quality, therefore it is even difficult to assume the expiration date of the rug - this is our understanding of the eco-product. Indeed, in the end, these are not only materials that are decomposed without damage to the environment and do not require processing, but also a long product life. 

The carpet can be used both in the floor version, and it can also be an accent in the interior and hang on the wall. Weaved by hand, according to the ancient methods of weaving of Ukraine.
Manufacturer: Svoyeridne 

Photo: Andrii Podorozhnyi
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Location of the object: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner