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Les gens me demandent des nouvelles, veulent savoir. Maryna Ignatieva




We asked Maryna about her outstanding works, about philosophy in creativity - "  I can say that my art is based on the concept of aesthetics, and therefore, I find my inspiration to paint in what I see around, mostly in human body. The human form is a constant within my work. In my paintings the position of the model is very important, as much as the choice of the colors and textures, as I use them to express further emotions. I wouldn’t say that I use a warm palette. My palette is part of the meaning of each painting, so it changes with every new serie. Men models are not, for now, a specific choice. Is more that I had the inspirations and access to male models, more than with female.

My style, that is a difficult question. Painting is a process to express myself, and the way I express is taking care about colors, light, accents, composition. But my style is part of some of my great artistic influences: Liubomyr Medvid and Andrew Wyeth and more and more other ." 

Art: Maryna Ignatieva
location: Lviv.

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 180х120 см

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 240 Х 240 см
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