Kids today are so closely tied to their mobile devices, we feel it is more important than ever to really understand what is being said so we can help guide and teach them through these challenging situations, said ameeta jain, co-founder of teensafe. Teensafe founders believe using the information parents find on their childrens text messages, instagram, twitter, facebookyou name itcan be used to open lines of communication and stop cyberbullying in its tracks. Jain added, our children are our most precious assets and protecting them from harm is why we created teensafe.

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Daria Ozerova



Painting. What can be more complex and attractive of all the arts, if not music? It is painting. The solemn and touched with sadness faces on the portraits created by young talented artist Daria Ozerova.
We would like to have your attention on these works because of the unusual technics applied here. Paintings with laconic color range and mostly original rendering.

Design: Daria Ozerova
location: Kharkiv

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