Songs hed known and cherished going back as far as the civil war, including. Beautiful dreamer, silver threads among the gold, and ill take you home. Again, kathleen (hed requested this one for his own funeral).


Telefon çağr ses kaytlarn dinleme. Sim kard değiştiğinde uyar bildirimi gelir. Uygulama yuklendiğinde yada silindiğinde uyar bildirimi gelir. Alena Kuznetsova.

In colour


In colour

"My method of working with color is reductive, releasing and purifying of all the superfluous. The task of my art is this awkward silence, the art of seeing, language without narrative, which sounds like a note here and now, working in certain settings of your attention range. 

This is the stop of the internal dialogue in favor of objective sensations in the body, because the color influences you directly, as self-contained medium and creates peaceful observation, sometimes beyond. "  Alena Kuznetsova. 

ART: Alena Kuznetsova.
Location: Kyiv.

 "Rain", 150*100 cm, oil on canvas, 2012

"Zefir", 90*90 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2016

"Awakening", 100*150 cm, oil on canvas, 2016

"Sunbeam", 70*90 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2015

 "Satellites and nebulae", 80*100 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2016

"Dance", 90*90 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2016

 "Summer dream", 85*150 cm, mixed technique on canvas, 2016 your social media marketing partner