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These consonants are analyzed as ambisyllabic because they constitute not only the syllable onset of the second syllable but also the syllable coda of the first syllable, which must not be empty because the syllable nucleus is a checked vowel. By analogy, if a word has one form with a doubled consonant, all forms of that word are written with a doubled consonant, even if they do not fulfill the conditions for consonant doubling; SERDIUK OLEKSANDR




"Learning ancient myths, culture and spiritual studies was a good incentive for self-knowing and knowing of the Divine through art and culture . Painting is an instrument for translation of my personal history of the Great journey. Having traveled extensively and exploring the cultural heritage was like opening inside me unexplored areas that seemed to connect me with the history of that particular country and the place.

This allows me to realize myself as a part of the infinite Being. Feelings lived through while traveling and revealed in the paintings – they are, on the one hand, easy and simple images, but on the other, - stirringly philosophical and meditative ones.They help me to convey the intensity of a moment, a universal condition and a psychological nuance. I strive for exploring everything that the history of mankind has experienced, from the standpoint of spiritual searching, psychological and mental transformation. Evolution of Humanity on canvas - that's what motivates me and makes me take brush in the hand."  SERDIUK OLEKSANDR

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