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Empire of Angels


Empire of Angels

"The task of the project was to design books “The Thanatonauts”and “Empire of Angels” written by B. Werber. The mask is used not only as a quotation from the book where it appears more than once, but as the archetypal ritual symbol, which is a hint of the continuation of life after death and the journey into the unknown. Mask - an object that people used in ceremonies and rituals from ancient times. It has sacred significance and is widespread in many cultures on different continents. The mask allows travelling out of the body, changes personality and helps to communicate with spiritual entities. “The Thanatonauts” mask is black. Main elements of the mask are jaw, beard and hair texture. "Empire of Angels" mask is white. Typical features are nimbus, third eye and cracked texture." Andriy Hir

Andriy Hir
Location: Lviv

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