The Centepid  invented in 2015 for the NPL Penthouse. This interior  was published in DEZEEN at November the the 1st  and then all over the world. 

 An idea to create an accessories display island came from architect Olha Akulova. We didn’t find appropriate furniture, that might consist accessories display and hasn’t standard shapes, as we haven’t much room for this island in the interior.

The  NPL Penthouse appeared as very a popular object, so  we decided to extend his life in the Centepid, that we modify for nowadays.

 The furniture manufacture Paspolini collaborate with Olga Akulova DESIGN architecture firm. It attracted few local craftsmen who made the Centepid. One of them is hereditary cabinetmaker. He used his family secrets to create this island. The main idea was to use his knowledge with democratic light materials as a plywood. Nowadays a plywood material is more accessible then a solid wood, that was the typical  stuff for cabinetmakers.

We registered The Centepid in The Intellectual Property Office ( UK ) as well.

Photo: Zuieva Katya

Design: Olga Akulova DESIGN
Location of the object: Kyiv




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