"2 realities in one place, no matter where you are introducing our Helmfon - the new way of your communication. When we got the task to create a phone booth for IT company office, we decided to look more widely on the thing of communication and the main aim of it - make a contact with your surroundings. Instead of making just the new tool, we decided to create a new way of your communication.

By using the idea of being in 2 places at one time, we created the thing, which allows you to be in 2 worlds just sitting on your chair in office, in a meeting or everywhere you feel like just wearing your helmet. You can share and watch videos or movies, FaceTime your friend or make a skype meeting with business partner, answer and make calls, watching photos from yesterday party or add your personal functions and its all with noise protection from outside background. There is no need to escape from reality if you can simply add a new one." Hochu rayu

Design: Design Bureau Hochu Rayu
Location: Lviv



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