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"Masha" bed


"Masha" bed

The product embodies the oriental asceticism in Slavic twist. Creation of this bed was inspired by Ukrainian ethnic motives with which we want to convey the idea that tradition should go side-by-side with modern design. The product is made of ecological material. The manufacturing of these materials is carried out by searching for a careful balance between modern production systems and handcraft processes. 

Our bed consists of two parts-the headboard, and unique & natural bed frame. Both units were made with eco plywood, finishing layer matte wax doesn't affect on bed's texture. Beautifully designed ethnographic pattern, looking like a traditional Ukrainian embroidery, decorates functional headboard. It makes our bed so cozy and extraordinary at the same time.  This bed was designed for remarkable relax. It has been crafted perfectly to fit into any modern interior. Its functional headboard will be very suitable while reading your favorite book or having romantic breakfast. 

Design: Platforma buro
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner