Tea leaf

Coffee and bedside tables are created not for only functional, but also for interior decoration.

Smooth bionic shape reminds tea leaves, that’s why the product was named “Tea Leaf”. Due to the asymmetry with respect to all axes table looks harmonious from any angle.

“Tea Leaf” also has the opportunity to rotate in any direction, so the placement of the table will be comfortable and convenient in every functional area of your space.

“Tea Leaf” is created in two sizes. One is the coffee table, but designer prefers to call it tea table. And the other one has a function of the bedside table. But the functionality is not limited to, because it can become an indispensable element of the interior of both residential and public spaces. 

Material of the product - wood, so the tea table is very stable, reliable and ecological.

Powder coated. The color palette is not limited to the classic black and white colors. The shape of the product well combined with pastel and muted shades. The designer chose 2 most typical colors white and light green.

Design: Sveta Volos
Location of the object: Kyiv

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