Moggie is a cat care system that helps owners to interact with their cats in a new way. 

Moggie - smart collar and mobile app for cats.  Сollar carefully designed with the thought of cats. All parts worked through to the smallest detail. Сollar has a smooth and pleasant to the touch form. The artificial intellect system recognizes everything: from active games, rest, sleep, indoor temperature to when your cat is in danger. Collar has a smart magnetic clasp which is securely fixes the collar on the cat's neck. In case of danger, if the cat is caught on the collar, it can easily get rid of it.

Moreover, by using magnets collar can be easily adjusted for different cat's sizes. Smart system alows user easily take off device without removing the collar from cat's neck. All you need to do - is to turn counterclock-wise the device and remove it from the collar. Metal strings fix well the device and do not let it to fall down. It is very easy to charge your device. You need to remove the device from the collar and put it on the charging station.Collar is available in different variety of colors to fit well every cat's personality.Information collected by the collar, is analyzing by the app. During a day the cat gives hundreds of signs of its state. The mobile app allows to turn them into knowledge.


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