Mobile phone waste and the environment. Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution : 161–196.

O zello possui um recurso que o voxer não possui, o acesso à canais públicos. Em ambos apps uma pessoa deve acabar de falar para que a outra possa começar. VIEWS 713

The situation has caught the attention of canadas green party, which has been busy expanding the depth of its platform beyond environmental issues. The greens are calling for changes to the laws permitting mail order brides./p. Yana Andrukhova




The blown glass jars are intended to store as diverse foods as cereals, sugar, biscuits and sweets, nuts and even honey. Each piece is accompanied by a wooden lid that keeps ingredients fresh on kitchen shelves. But we think that it's really up to a customer to decide on their use. The jars change character with the content, resembling  jars when filled with foods  and  vases when herbs or flowers peek out. By placing beloved objects and trinkets inside, they can literally be filled with personal meaning. Our objects are characterized by eye-pleasing shapes and colour combinations along with utmost utility.

During manufacturing various forms of coloured glass are melted into some clear glass to create varied patterns and designs. It takes a vast amount of human skills and effort to make every single jar unique yet practical. Craftsmanship lies at the core of  Inside long-lasting quality.

Design: Yana Andrukhova
Location of the object: Lviv


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