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Ihor Havrylenko

Earlier confirmation mail sent by you : 1 item will be delivered to somenath bose from mobile n covers. Want immediate response chandra kanta posted on: 2014-04-26 02:33:17 sir i purchase rediff shopping but i have not received as described on the product description page, so i returned priyanka designs pvt. Lucy secret gorgeous dated 01 march 2014, by mahavir courier service pvt. SALAMP

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"SALAMP it is pendant lamp with one light source made in modern style. Stainless steel is used for creating main shape. The fastening parts (upper and lower panels) made of light wood, which has a distinct texture. Also can be made of veneer. The lower panel is stretched with linen fabric, which helps lighting become more warm and muted.

I was thinking a lot about main lamp concept an the result which have to appear before start working on this project. It is very important to imaging how your product will be realized in future. Where it will be hanging and with whom it will be connected. This way of creation helps organize thoughts  truly and discard inappropriate ideas.

I wanted to invent beautiful, wise, adult lamp. As I assume, main customers will be people after 23. The main criteria for future lamp for me were: simplicity, restraint and purity. The main forming became cone and straight lines. I tried to combine these two links and to make silhouette massive and light at the same time. That is how silhouette of cone caught on a stick,  appeared. I was inspired by Japanese architecture as well. For some people this wooden detail remind barrette. "  Ihor Havrylenko

Ihor Havrylenko
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