Lamp Nut C

Those were the nuts, her favorite dainty, that inspired designer Julia Kononenko to create a family of “NUT C” lamps. The shape of hazelnut is conveyed in the wooden part, being a contrast to other parts textures. Itisthelamp’saccent. Letter “C”, the third in the alphabet, here stands for the family of three types of lamps that differ in diameter and configuration. All of those are ceiling lamps; they share one style, bear similar elements, and easily can be combined.

The designer has created and implemented this product in 2017 together with the Ukrainian brand “MZPA”

The first lamp in the family has a long elaborate stem turning into a wider shape where it attaches to white lamp-shade with leather “Y”-shape details. The product comprises different materials: wood, leather, metal, that guarantees its stylish look for any interior. The middle-size lamp was meant by the designers for dining area, fitting for the bars and restaurants.

Design: Studio "Kononenko ID"
Location of the object: Kyiv
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