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The Polar Night


The Polar Night

The Polar Night Lamp is about magic of light. LED strip drapes across the frame and rims the hole resembling the Sun. The main luminary radiates through a bowl, adding softness to simple-line design.

The minimalist lamp comes from the idea that light is born of darkness. Steel blackness contrasts to the yellowish color of light creating the harmony of opposites. The surface is slightly texturized which makes the object much more visually attractive.

The feature of the Polar Night is the articulation of forms. A rectangle background, form of a bowl, empty hole. Each part is a solo in the essence, but in this case, they are united in one fluidity and continuity. As a result, the lamp inspires with simplicity and complexity at the same time.

People often say “Oh no! Too much light”. We didn’t want to be the one who irritates. The Polar Night emits softly and creates a pleasant ambience. Something between a daylight and twilight in the room. If you search for an ideal fellow traveler for a nighttime, there it is.

Design: Ihor Havrylenko & Sergey Makhno Architects
Location of the object: Kyiv


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