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Snowberry is a minimalist lamp for lighting large dining tables or countertops. The size of the lamp is 2000 x 140 mm. It combines brittle glass and solid blue-gray marble joint with an inconspicuous metal base of tinted steel. To frame the whole structure we used a semi-visible 5 mm thick glass. It gave the luminaire a holistic and completed appearance. Concept was created in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by Alexey Haro in Sergey Makhno Architects Studio.
The concept of a lamp came to my mind when I saw a bunch of white berries. I was deeply inspired and decided to give this beauty a new form. When the sun falls on berries, they become magically translucent. Blue-gray marble has a similar feature, especially in places of low thickness.
We used to create lamps as things to illuminate, but Snowberry is more than a direct function. If you see a product as the abundance of decor, it’s not for you. Snowberry is for those who appreciate the elegance of fragile details. For those who seek for uniqueness and unpredictable forms. For those who are ready to investigate a poisonous berry. But watch, not eat.

Design: Alexey Haro & Sergey Makhno Architects
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner