Sturdy clip, adjustable focus ring, on indicator led. Needs very bright light levels.

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Maxim Voytenko designed for ODESD2

Тело- причина всего и источник всего. Ova lamps

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Ova lamps

Elementary shape – expressive character

Maxim Voytenko designed Ova lamps for ODESD2.  Models were inspired by Tadao Ando's projects, especially by their minimalism and work with planes. Unlike Tadao Ando, Maxim Voytenko has architecture degree. Creating industrial design is his side-project. Maxim set himself the task to create an expressive object, based on elementary forms, when he began the development of the lamp.

Ova Floor Lamp and Ova Table Lamp are the first objects in the series. Both floor and table lamps are build on simple geometric figures. Construction of every lamp consists of four elements: three outer ovals and triangle joint member. Socket and LED lamp are hidden inside the construction. Oval slabs are cut of oak veneered plywood. They stand at an angle to each other.

Ova lamps have sculptural shape. They look interesting with the light and without it. Models of this series create interior mood because of gentle background light. Laconic design is destined for contemporary minimalist interiors. Lamps ideally correspond to public spaces: hotel lobbies, corridors, lounges.

Maxim Voytenko had produced Ova Table Lamp in his own Sdvig studio before. He relaunched the model in collaboration with ODESD2 and now he’s working on new objects for the series. Models are available in 36 paintings and 3 kinds of veneer finishing. You can use interactive configurator on the to see how it looks in every available finishing.

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Location: Kyiv.

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