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The authors of hanger “Hilka“ Ulyana Zachkevych and  Stanislav Boichuk decided to  create a form which would have been the complementary element in the interior. The combination of materials, function, aesthetics – were the key aspects. Be  inspired by floral motifs, the authors tried to simplify them and provide style which would be multifaceted. The concept of the hanger is a combination of two basic materials: metal and wood. Also, the mobility was emphasized. Main element of the hanger is 6 sticks, which at the end are branching into three parts, creating additional space for hanging clothing. It could be easily moved, removed , added, adjust to your needs. We have created such a model to transform the perception: combination the mobility with aesthetics.

Design: Stanislav Boichuk Ulyana Zachkevych
Location of the object: Kyiv

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