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Kateryna Sokolova

This category features a wide range of products which provides data and feedback to the casual jogger, the competitive racer and everyone in-between. A gps watch would benefit runners and walkers of all ability levels. Tweety sculptures


Tweety sculptures

Weitere möglichkeiten bei einem vergessenen iphone-code auf der nächsten seite. Shootings in recently renovated interiors are quite different from shootings in lived-in homes and offices. In an animated interior, you can get an idea what their owner is like. Usually, it is decor which tells there is somebody in this place. Some souvenirs from distant lands, posters and interior sculptures turn an ideal picture into space filled with warmth and emotions. In Ancient Rome home coziness was under protection of goddess Vesta and modern designers respect her laws. They inhabit our homes with cushions, exotic peyotes and animalistic figures which act upon different senses.

Threaten, harass, abuse, offend or use vulgar and/or inappropriate language toward our representatives or any person whom you call or contact using our service; Interfere with our operations; Spam, or engage in other abusive messaging or calling; Tweety series is a new line of home décor which Katerina Sokolova has created for ODESD2. Natural materials and stylized zoomorphic shapes turn a bird into an accent in household or office ecosystem. "I have noticed that people like to pick up the bird and hold it. It is somehow calming", says Katerina Sokolova.

The basic Tweey series consists of three models made of solid oak on the metal basement which can be of different height.

Design: Kateryna Sokolova
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner