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Studio "Kononenko ID"

Imagine light


Imagine light

It’s hard to disagree that playing with light’s kaleidoscope-like refraction and reflection can be a lot of fun. We followed this mood and it inspired us with an idea of the Imagine light lamp. LED lights (clusters) are fixed on a polished copper frame at an unusual angle and illuminate a mirror surface that reflects and intensifies the beam. Glassy oval consists of little pyramid-shaped segments to reflect light at various angles.

The lamp is ideal for interiors that are made in a contemporary style. The lamp will be look good not only as a ceiling light, but also as an accent.

Imagine light is designed not only as a ceiling light fixture, it will also be very appropriate as an accentual lighting, for example next to an armchair (like a torchiere) or above dining table – when placed two or three together they will conjure an exquisite atmosphere around.  Aluminium clusters used instead of regular lamps are the object’s another unique feature. We see this as an unquestioned plus: long-term service, durability, and no need to replace a burnt out lamp. 

We introduce two types of light fixtures: with 2 and 4 LED lamps to give more opportunities for the interior design. It is better to have larger one as a ceiling light, while accentuating some area will be easier with 2-lamp object, or their combination.

Design: Studio "Kononenko ID"

Location: Kharkiv.

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