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"The Planet" chair


"The Planet" chair

"The Planet became green and alive"! 
Office workers are suffered because of the lack of oxygen, uncomfortable working place, noise and shortage of mood board for creative minds. Sometimes office is a rather boring place, where you don't have an opportunity to express your identity. That's why we decided to color office life, to make it bright and inspiring. We wanted to breathe life in the chair, to green it, to give a human right to enhance “The Planet”. To make it alive, like our own Earth.

“The Planet” is covered with the special material, so you can write anything you want and then it is easily erased from the surface of The Planet. You are free to use all creativity: attach favorite photos, draw some pictures, express your thoughts and ideas, grow small flowers, plants or even moss. Here we don't have any borders. We would like to create a new Knowledge Sharing Culture.

Design: MZPA
Location of the object: Kyiv

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