VIEWS 1063 Sergey Makhno & Ulyana Zachkevych

Lamps Uma


Lamps Uma

You don’t always want to highlight in sophists the best moments, as well as we don’t want to say the main words out loud. Uma is an ideal additional lighting: it pays attention to something, and leaves something else in the shade. Ceramic Uma will add some authenticity and refined simplicity to your space. Uma is elegant, but not mannered. Educated, but snobbery is not about this creature. 

Its magic light can warm frozen ground and tired hearts. Made in copper, it will compose a glamorous interior feeling, but without frills. In general, one shouldn’t be interested in metal and should add it to the interior step by step by using small but expressive accents. And it is just about Uma.

Design: Sergey Makhno & Ulyana Zachkevych
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner