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Sometimes we are inspired by architecture, art, man-made things, nature, but as our experience grows, we are increasingly inspired by people, their fates, and life itself. Bar stool "WAY", whose name speaks for itself. If you look at the chair, you can see how the lines of lintels and legs change their direction. These ambiguous curves remind us of our way of life, constantly changing and turning, distorting each time in a new lane. The chair is very simple and concise, but if you look closely you can see more. The frame of the chair is powder-coated, taking into account possible loads in commercial use, the footrest is made of stainless steel. The model also includes a variant of a chair without a backrest. The enormous work of many masters and people helped to bring to life the stunning and highly functional product of Ukrainian furniture. Manufacturer: Esense

Photo: Andrii Podorozhnyi
Studio Kononenko ID
Location of the object: Kharkiv


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