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Prefabricated metal chair Star


Prefabricated metal chair Star
We are introducing a new project - a prefabricated wire chair made of steel rod with soft back and seat, in a lattice-faceted aesthetic already familiar in our products. But this time it is made collapsible - it consists of 4 spatial parts, which are connected in a single construction by bolts. This construct is for the most part aimed at reducing logistics costs.
This chair is a traveler and colonizer, whose purpose is to master new spaces of houses around the world. After all, it can be disassembled fit in a box 500x500x300 mm and come with minimal expenses to you to the other end of the world. And its assembly will give you new impressions and allow you to some extent be involved in its creation.

Design: Lazariev design
Location of the object: Kyiv
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