According to the hackers, the tiff exploit is common across all of the applications on the iphone and will allow any user root access. So, in just a few short weeks, people were once again able to jailbreak the iphone and install third-party applications, while using the device on any carrier they wished. And luckily for all of those who were left with a bricked iphone, hackers also found a way to revive the device and get it back to a running state through the same exploit.

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The file browser is ingenious as well. Anyone vaguely computer-savvy should be able to navigate the trusty c: drive. Fyodor Lazariev

LED lamp Anchor-2


LED lamp Anchor-2

Fyodor Lazariev developed LED lamp Anchor-2

Here are his comments on the project: "Anchor 2 - is the outcome of development of faceted rolled table lamps. The design is the best solution in the series, it is a simple and technologically in the manufacture, concise form. The lamp consists of three main components: base, body, cover, and electrical parts.

The base bent from sheet steel. Body is made of solid oak wood. Inside placed hard LED strip, this is covered with the cap from acryl.  Faces of base allow setting the lamp in three different positions. To connect the lamp to the mains using the power supply that is connected via the power socket. Base can be painted in different colors of RAL table. Body may be made of other kinds of wood except base oak and plywood. Dimensions: 140х50х385mm ".

Design: Fyodor Lazariev
location: Kyiv. your social media marketing partner