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Sammy Icon SS 16 socks
The Ukrainian textile design and fashion industry hit their stride. Joyous cute patterns will catch fancy of youth, hipsters and excentrics . Lovely floristic photo session with animal and fruit elements supports the elaborate pattern. Thanks to the efforts of designers Orka Collective, socksevolve from casualwear to designers’ accessory to serve one’s individuality.

Design: Orka Collective.

location: Kiev.

This is a significantly pro-privacy (and courageous) posture apple is taking with their devices, and while about seven years late, is more than welcome, zdziarski, who has previously criticized apple for the security holes in ios, said. In fact, i am very impressed with apples latest efforts to beef up security all around, including ios 8 and iclouds new [two factor authentication].

For the price there are certainly other options out there (like the samsung galaxy tab s), but we have a sneaking suspicion the nexus 9 would make for one of the smartest tablet purchases this side of christmas, even over the mighty ipads. Google and htc deliver android 5.0lollipop at ipad prices source: reg hardware whether people who are mostly interested in web browsing, messaging, and document editing really need a nexus 9 – as opposed to one of the other, cheaper android tablets already available – is more questionable. But if you can afford it, and especially if you like being on the forefront of whats going on in the android world, the nexus 9 is a well-made fondleslab that definitely delivers bang for your (not inconsiderable) buck. your social media marketing partner