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Mrs Stets Clothing


Mrs Stets Clothing

"Hey! I'm not a professional artist. I've never learnt drawing, but the thing is I'm totally in love with watercolor!

I discovered my passion about a year ago, when my beloved husband presented me a box with 24 colors of aquarelle. I need to mention that my love with birds began much more earlier, so it wasn't a deal to decide what to draw. As to whales, I've always been charmed by these amazing graceful animals, thereby they also became a part of my artwork.

My principles are to put a part of my heart and soul to each product I create and use only natural materials, such as cotton and linen. I do believe that only in that way people can buy not only simple stuff, but something unique." Evgenia Stets

Design: Evgenia Stets
Location: Kharkiv


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