Winter Glitter


Winter Glitter

Winter Glitter: mysterious shimmer of winter in new GRASS collection

Ukrainian women's clothing brand GRASS released its winter collection called Winter Glitter. With the coldest season of the year coming up, GRASS decided to focus on the warm clothes featuring current fashion trends.

The fourth and the last collection in 2016 is based on the essential GRASS principles: it explores the latest fashion trends, it is feminine and practical. The brand’s slogan “Сlothing for big city life” describes this collection the best. Warm knitted things – turtleneck and round neck jumpers, dresses and also the A-line skirt dresses, so much loved by the brand clients, became the basis of the collection.

“60% of our collection consists of basic clothes, e.g., warm and comfortable knit dresses, which easily can be combined with other clothing pieces. But apart the basics the large part of the collection features the latest fashion trends, not forgetting the velvet and puffer coats. The velvet dress in lingerie style and the puffer coats in dusty cedar and khaki colors have already became hits of the collection” – Taras Volkov, the brand co-owner says.

To support the Winter Glitter collection GRASS has launched an ad campaign that depicts the unique mood which women experience on the winter’s eve. “The campaign reminds us about the winter that can be recalled from our childhood – bright, colorful and snowy. A gentle and naïve feeling of love and fascination of winter which we experience every time seeing snow is falling down and covering city streets. But winter is also a time when we turn over a new life page. The New Year and upcoming celebration and excitement also mean winter. That’s why in the winter campaign we wanted to reflect both the cleanliness of snow, exciting feeling of expecting something new and unknown and the beauty of magnificent winter.”

Design: GRASS
Location: Kyiv.
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