Spring Collection 2017


Spring Collection 2017

Ukrainian mass-market brand GRASS presented the spring collection "London is calling". Its advertising campaign was shot in London, in the city that perfectly embodies a spirit of freedom. Picking London as the place for shooting has its own reasons as the designers were inspired by free, proud, and beautiful modern girls, who lives in the big cities. They bravely accept life challenges, stand up for their beliefs and fight for their rights. All of this was demonstrated during the wave of "women's march” that recently swept across the world.

Along with its clothing GRASS creates an image of the modern girl – fashionable and successful, strong and beautiful – the real megapolis inhabitant. “London is calling” collection is the best example since it includes all the must have wardrobe pieces – outwear, dresses, blouses, pants and skirts, embracing global trends. This spring GRASS pays special attention to women’s outwear. The collection’s flagship pieces are the straight red coat, light colored trench coat and short but feminine jacket. Designers used ruffles, which is one of the main season trends, in two pieces – a dress and blouses. The trendy fabrics - metallic lame and soft suede were used for producing the collection’s tops – button skirt and lingerie style dress. Traditionally brand continues working with denim and floral print which is the top fabrics for the spring.

“We were inspired by “Women's March", or its better to say, "marches", which took place in January in many major cities around the globe. Millions of women who sounded as one expressed their readiness to stand up for their rights. This global phenomenon like nothing else demonstrates the beauty of women and their wish to be strong. The world famous Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Madonna and Charlize Theron teamed up to protect women’s right” - Taras Volkov, the co-founder of the brand shares his thoughts.

«We were sorry that the wave of marches didn’t come to Ukraine. And we decided to compensate this failure in our collection and its advertising campaign. The slogans of the marches "Women's rights are human rights" and "Fight like a girl" were printed on our t-shirts and were used in our advertising campaign to stress our idea. And it's pretty much close to Ukrainian girls and women who reveal their beautiful and strong personalities while overcoming million of challenges in their day to day life. And as a Ukrainian women clothing brand we must speak up in our own way - through our clothing collections. Beauty and freedom may not only co-exist but enrich and complement each other. This is the story of our Ukrainian women.

Photo: Natalia Safronova

Model: Karolina P

Design: GRASS
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner