Sammy Icon SS17


Sammy Icon SS17

Sammy Icon is a Ukrainian designer`s socks brand, was established in 2012 in Kyiv. The brand identity features the spirit of adventures in everyday life.
Sammy Icon comes from a name of a mystical Sammy, guardian angel of travelers and romantics. Every sock design has its` own story behind that is connected with Sammy. He travels all over the world and tells about his adventures in socks designs, and we share it with you to inspire on achievements every day and upgrade your daily look with trendy detail.
Sammy Icon is an energy and travels that are given to you with every step. In addition, this step can change your life and the world around in best way. It doesn`t matter where are you going, the only thing that matters is that you are wearing Sammy Icon socks. SS17 collection inspired by sports aesthetic of the 90s, geometrics and fun.

Design: Anton Abo

Photo: 8 Calibr

location: Kyiv

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