When authors had creating this work, they were guided by watching humans, as everyone have different qualities. However, there are prevailing moods, so main of them were selected and embodied in blankets, as if it is a person being right here with you. The blanket “Naughty” – when you are impudence, playful and risky. The de- signer was inspired by portrait of Einstein for this creation and it’s perfectly shows this mood. The blanket “Sensitive” – when you want to dream and devote yourself to the art. It is a creative nature loving to fantasize and dream on rainy day. The blanket “Curious”  – when you are waiting for new discoveries. It is researcher, traveler. The designer was inspired by a look out of an airplane window for creation of this blanket. Blankets made of 100% Italian merino wool. Woolkrafts in collaboration with Pavel Vetrov present this collection on Paris Design Week 2018

Design: Pavel Vetrov

Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner