Balcony Garment

супер п форсе в москве Sleeping z-z-zooo


Sleeping z-z-zooo


Balcony Garment is the Ukrainian cloth brand for lounge and sleepwear. Each item is an embodiment of comfort, private space cult, harmony with the environment. Soft natural materials, modern laconic fit, accuracy in details provide for our clothing coziness. The brand’s main criteria are soft, gentle to touch natural materials.

Brief delicate design, soft shape lines, easy-care – all these are characteristic of the Balcony’s garments. The Balcony’s elegant austerity of the cloth only serves to accentuate the feminine beauty and inner harmony.

The Sleetong z-z-zoo collection is worth a special mention. Pastel-colored Sleetong z-z-zoo pajamas is a combination of the softest silky textures and the magic of sleepy fairytale creatures. Those are cute little animals hiding in the pockets to bring sweet dreams to their sleeping beauties.

Design: BalconyGarment
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