Collection of silk scarves "Dialogue".

"Dialogue" - is a new completely experimental collection of the project "My silk story". This is a live format in which a lot of strangers were involved. I knew that the  result will be unpredictable! "Let it have its swing" - I said to myself.  

The creation of the collection began with the question of my interest: "What is happiness for you?". Then everyone could answer it in the social networks. I chose the answer that I really liked: "To love and to be loved" - so said one of the participants of the project - Valeriia. After that, I illustrated my question and the answer of Valeriia. The next question was asked by Valeriia. And so on, one by one, until the entire plane of the first scarf was filled."  Ekaterina Stepanischeva.

Design: Ekaterina Stepanischeva
Location: Kyiv

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