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" Year ago I've created a project "Ink women". It consists of 4 women's silhouettes, accomplished with ink and water-colour. I've always been ispired by the black colour. As for me this colour presents a women the best. And the washouts, splashes and ink steamlines, which appeared accidentally, created a special mood of these silhouettes. 

Recently, an advertising agency Echtzeit, which offered me to represent the German bag-brand "Dernier" with this project. Additionally, I've created a bicycle illustration, as these bags can be hung up to the back side of the bicycle. Thanks a lot for the pleasant cooperation and welcome to appreciate our project. " Andriana Chunis.


Why did you use aquarelle and why you are using it mostly?

I like to add some hand made elements to my works. Lines and splashes made with paint on a real paper can't be compared to the Photoshop's brushes. Accept water paint I like using ink, acrylic, textural paper. All this together helps to create a special mood, which I always search for in my illustrations.


Your women, their silhouettes are very feminine and attract the eye. They are not like the sketches of fashion designers. Is there a figures or images that have inspired you?

Yes, my works can't be refered to the typical fashion sketches. I never liked them too much. I can't understand why the perfect body proportions are always exaggerated. Talking about inspiration - this can be a collection of a designer, a picture on a blog, a girl on the street etc. The world around is so rich and beautiful with people's images. I just love to observe them).

Design: Andriana Chunis
Location of the object:  Oberhausen (Germany) your social media marketing partner