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source url Alexandr Gusakov & Zhenya Rynzhuk & Artem Golubtsov

Some like it hot

Some like it hot

Place in downtown of Kharkiv. Laconic entrance hall with panoramic windows, signage and plastic without “screaming” banners — everithing is clearly couched in the style of the institution. The interior combines comfort, simplicity and functionality, being based on white and gray colors, generously diluted warm and soft shades of yellow and turquoise. The harmonious union of brick walls, concrete floors, tiles, metal frames, wooden tables and soft sofas create “superkontrast” in the interior.

The main purpose of this places — to be the best coffee shop in town! Heavy artillery — coffee machine Slayers manual assembly — the equipment with which the institution would take leading position in the coffee sector, adds the value of the brand and differentiates «Some like it hot» from other institutions. The best equipment in conjunction with high-quality fresh roasted coffee and the skillful hands of barista allow to cook the best coffee.

Design: Alexandr GusakovZhenya RynzhukArtem Golubtsov
Location of the object: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner