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source Khrystyna Koval

The Coral City


The Coral City

Lviv can be quite diverse. Everyone enjoys it in various ways; it may be rainy and dull, gloomy and grey. I see Lviv as a fairy, romantic, dreaming and mysterious city. Paris is considered to be a city of love, but in Ukraine we have got our own small Paris, too. You can meet couples in love, strolling in small narrow streets at evenings or eating out in corners of cozy cafés where no one can see them. You usually see the city from underneath but I've decided to show you from a high side. Painting this illustration, I’ve used bright coral colour. Someone can find it rather aggressive but in fact it’s a colour of love! The idea came out of the blue as I didn’t make any sketches. I was painting with my feelings. The illustration is quite modern and at the same time emphasizes the antiqueness of the city with the help of shapes and textures. A new project of T-shirts and bags will be launched in the future for tourists of our city. I hope my feelings and vision will depict the atmosphere in Lviv.

Design: Khrystyna Koval
Location of the object: Lviv

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