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Posters for Kyiv Academy of Media Arts


Posters for Kyiv Academy of Media Arts

This series of posters tells about the summer intensive course in marketing, strategy and advertising in Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. Big thanks to guys for letting me puzzle my brain over this task. It’s great to have this kind of higher education establishment in our country, because it provides opportunities for future designers, strategists and art-directors. 

Posters have always been my favorite way of expressing my thoughts, ideas, myself. All my favorite artists and designers have worked in this genre. So it was a brilliant opportunity to rest from endless resizing and DPIs. I had to combine all the objects in a really weird way: iron + grass, cactus + ice-cream, etc. 
I was gathering all the artifacts in different parts of Kyiv. It was very interesting to work with real objects, take photos and extend them with graphic elements, fonts and color. 

I’m deeply convinced that design is more of a collective action, involving a lot of people, a lot of opinions, conventionalities and comments. I am just moving with the existing flow and style, amplifying it according to my feelings and vision. Mood for this work was inspired by guys from Banda Agency.

Location: Kyiv your social media marketing partner