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Memory Print & Play


Memory Print & Play

Do you want to improve your memory of fonts? Or, maybe you are 80-level Typographer, but your children can’t distinguish Futura from Helvetica? All they want is playing! )

In both cases, you’d love a fascinating developing game "Memory Print & Play" by Macosh-Design with Rentafont fonts! This board game is good for kids and adults, designers and customers. You can play head to head, and with whole family or whole office.

Fonts on the cards are so different! Even a beginner will remember them easily. The game features old-style and modern Serifs, humanist and geometric Sans Serifs, Inclined and Italic variants, Thin and Bold weights. Handwritten, drawn, modular fonts of different moods and styles. Ancient, classical, modern, futuristic. Female and male, childish and mature.

«Memory FONT» game is free! Download it, print the PDF on ordinary printer and fold it like origami, without glue and scissors, as shown in the video.

Design: Macosh design
Location of the object: Poznan your social media marketing partner