And even if you close all sockets, zmq_ctx_destroy() will by default wait forever if there are pending connects or sends unless you set the linger to zero on those sockets before closing them. The zeromq anti cellphone tapping devices objects we need to worry about are messages, sockets, and contexts. VIEWS 340

Harness solar power with smart power-conversion techniques. By allan petersen, maxim integrated products. Pv to dc motor mppt build this simple mini maximiser by alan hutchinson, plasmatronics, melbourne circuit complete with pc board layout. Zhenya Rynzhuk




Supera is the new name in Australian fashion industry. In this project we created a story, which you are able to see on all the parts of the project: from visual identity to website and mobile application. A lot of clean space. Black & white basically is a main idea, just with some calm color accents.

Design: Zhenya Rynzhuk
Location of the object: AUSTRALIA your social media marketing partner