Sky notebook


Sky notebook

Dive with us into the world of art, creativity and feelings.

Since ancient times humanity has dreamt about the sky. The sky is a source of creative energy. The sky is a sanctuary of the spiritual and sensational. Poets, writers, composers, and painters appealed to the sky talking about love, and exposing to us all the beauty of their souls. We look at masterpieces of the greatest painters and we see the sky that they painted many years ago. The sky has no age, even in old paintings it looks modern. A vision of the sky is a vision of eternity.

After studying numerous paintings in museums and art books we noticed how much the sky affects the mood of the picture: sunny, cloudy, murky, serene, melancholy, anxious. It reminded us of a variety of human moods, and we decided to create a notebook with fragments of the sky in different states so that everyone can choose a page that calls to him or her in the given moment.

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Sky notebook is not an ordinary notebook. Each page of it contains a fragment of an artwork. All the fragments are united by one single subject which is the sky, as the embodiment of the majestic, sublime and spiritual. We used fragments of masterpieces from the greatest US art museums. Now you can get acquainted with masterpieces from these museums by simply opening your Sky notebook. Explore art, enjoy time spent with Sky notebook, write, draw, get inspired, create, plan, do everything you like. 

Sky notebook – notebook for art lovers!

Design: 2in1 design studio
Location of the object: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner