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Ukrainian designers Margo Garyazha and Kostya Stetsennko from "Phranky game design studio" created an extremely amusing game. They plan to present it on Kickstarter.

Here is where the board game originates: 

"I was born into a strict and not really a friendly family. My parents used to work a lot so I grew up on my own. My only rescue was cartoons, puzzles and table games. I myself invented the games and made those of cardboard. 

After high school I had no idea what to do with my life. My dream was to make games but I didn’t know where they teach that. I had some phantasies of me being the main character in “Big” movie never meeting “Zoltar” though. It’s hard to be a dreamer in Ukraine – it doesn’t pay the bills. However, the dream was still glimmering. 

In 2013 my father was diagnosed with cancer. He’s been fighting for his life for three years. Ten chemos undermined his health and memory. 

I wanted to support my dad and not to let his memory completely fail him. Maga was enthusiastic about the idea. That’s how “eyegamer” came around. I came up with the mechanics and the rules, she drew six decks. We had a few prototypes printed, tested different kinds of laminations and paper. Six months of hard work and the game is ready. 

“Eyegamer” has become more than just a game for us. It proves the fact that dreaming is essential. My father plays it, my friends and I play it. You are welcome to try it."

Kostya Stetsenko.


Design: Phranky game design studio

Location: Kharkiv. your social media marketing partner