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Daria Stetsenko

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Design vs Crisis

Ukrainian-Polish outdoor exhibition “Design vs Crisis” was held as a part of Plaster Festival this year in Poland. The designers consolidated their efforts and came up with the eloquent set of posters approaching the mutually poignant subject for our two countries. 

More information on the Festival.

Daria Stetsenko is the author of a remarkable family of posters that caught our editors’ eye. We credit the balanced design and composition approach.

“The essence of my message is optimistic: crisis to certain extent can be benign and constructive, and the challenge is to live through it. My posters call to look at the problem from a humorous point of view. Simple food we turn to in hard times is a healthy choice for the most. Minimalism and austerity in the interior help us to brood over fundamental things – this makes crisis beneficial for our mind. To mount a bicycle out of economic necessity is also very ecologically mindful – thus you can’t deny crisis being good for the Earth.”

Daria Stetsenko.

Design: Daria Stetsenko

Location: Kyiv.

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