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Vitamin Branding Agency


Vitamin Branding Agency
Since the 2005, brand creation and development of existing one are the Vitamin branding agency main activities. The office in Lviv gathering more than 30 specialists under its roof, and located in one of the most active business districts of the city. Here, among the city's IT-leaders, is the birth place of many brands and strategic decisions, which based on customers’ needs, them products, market and consumers. Such strategies allow to create extremely effective and aesthetic brands. Since the foundation, the Vitamin Branding Agency has never suffered from lack of ideas and always creats a quality design.
As far as the fingerprint is a crucial element of everyone’s identity, a key point and an actual print in time and history of whole kind, like cave men hand prints and modern human being fingerprints used for identification, the Vitamin makes each brand unique in its own very special way, like fingerprints are. This is a point to use stylized fingerprint image as a sign for refreshed Vitamin Branding Agency logo. 

Design: Viktor Hupalo
Location of the object: Lviv your social media marketing partner