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Ruslan Nos

here The Lost Knight


The Lost Knight

Ukrainian designer Ruslan Nos developed a logo and corporate identity for Liverpool Investigation Agency.

Here is what he said about the project :

"Already at the sight of this title, there is an image in the mind of the brave knight who seeks a path through a misty night forest. This brand image was chosen by investigation agency from Liverpool, for whom it had to be developed a system of graphic communication. There are no unsolvable problems and cases of which it is impossible to find a way out,  and that was reflected in the confident logo and strict adjusted corporate identity.

For several years Investigation Bureau has earned a reputation as a reliable company. Services are provided exclusively by experienced generalists: criminologists, investigators,  polygraph examiners, graphologists and psychologists. Each new case detective looking for an individual approach.  A group that deals with a specific issue is being created, without being distracted by other situations, because the result is important, not the number of orders. Objective is to bring the investigation to its logical conclusion and providing real results to the client."

Design: Ruslan Nos

Location: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner