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In the Mood coffee shop branding

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In the Mood coffee shop branding

go to site The task was to redesign a branding for "In the mood" takeaway coffee, which specializes on alternative ways of coffee making. The style was minimalistic, laconic, modern, but still not very strict, exact for the image of youth coffeeshop in a big city. Color gamma was monochrome, the colors used were black and white, which matched perfectly to a wood textures used in the interior and to craft paper and carton used in package. Main forms were basic geometrical figures - circle and rectangle.
The logo was created on the base of two circles which had proportions of the golden section, text inside matched to the rectangle which had proportions of 2:3.
On the base of logo the business cards were created, in which the inversion of colors was applied - black color of the background made it more prominent, it wouldn't lose its attractiveness when slightly polluted. In the design of the informative side of the business card the half-circle was used, its other half was compensated by text. On the base of the logo were also cup coasters designed. Coasters were round and made of birch wood impregnated with water-repellent mixture of olive and teak oils. On the face side they had laser engraved logo, and on the back side - a wish or a motivation quote. 
The logo is also applied to design of brand of cups and paper bags, creating simple and laconic package.

Design:  go to site Shkurupiy Gleb
Location: Kharkiv. your social media marketing partner